Friday, April 22, 2016

April 21st 2016

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-Man builds a lifelike Scarlet Johansson robot.

– Alfred talks about his one and only time he visited a Magic Shop in NYC and why he will never ever go into one ever ever again.

-Batman VS Superman reviews

-Puddle of Mudd members walked off stage after the latest lead singer’s meltdown

-Music in this episode, Plow United, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, The Souvenirs, Diesel Boy

Saturday, November 14, 2015


This episode was recorded LIVE! From The Great South Bay Brewery!



-Interviews with Flak Jacket, Samurai Pizza Cats, Tallest Trees in the Universe

- Music in this episode, Descendents, Broncho, Fugazi, Fear, Naked Raygun, Samurai Pizza Cats, Bouncing Souls, Tallest Trees in the Universe

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 25th, 2015: Special Edition: NYC 2015

In this episode recorded live at The Half Penny Pub of Sayville:

-Elvis and Alfred talk about their experiences at Special Edition: NYC, which is basically a Comic Con for comics... yea, weird idea.
-Disney outsources jobs and Alfred talks about his own ordeal of being outsourced
-Featuring music from Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Adam's Atoms, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Backtrack.


Here's a few pics of Elvis and Alfred at Special Edition: NYC

Alfred, Joe Kelly (Man of Action Studios, Marvel Comics, Big Hero 6, Deadpool), and Elvis

Elvis and Alfred

Elvis, Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel Comics, Avengers, X-Men, Powers, Torso, Ironman, Ultimate Spider-Man, and much much more), and Alfred

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Internet and their Spider-Man Outrage

So today Marvel Studios announced their new Spider-man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s a white British kid and certain parts of the internet are up in arms as usual. I get it, a lot of people are sick of Spider-man reboot movies with the same basic story. Also it goes back to the whole “why does Peter Parker have to be white?” internet outrage not too long ago. I’m hoping this newest version of Spider-man (which will debut in the Captain America:Civil War) weighs heavily onto the “Ultimate Spider-man” storyline from Brian Michael Bendis. SPOILERS AHEAD (Sort of, it’s old news really). 
I’m going to just skip ahead to the turning point in the Ultimate Universe, the Death of Spider-man, Peter Parker, after he sacrifices himself to stop the Green Goblin. I see this as a possibility in the MCU because it helps build the Spider-man story. They can do this and then have Miles Morales continue the Spider-man story and have it make sense to people who only know Spider-man from movies and TV. I’m fairly sure if Marvel Studios was to just make a Miles Morales movie with no build up it would confuse or even turn off some of it’s intended audience (let’s be real here, us comic book fans will watch anything related to our favorite characters even if it’s awful. I know you have all seen Elektra and Catwoman. So we’re not who the studios are catering to). 
So I’m putting faith in this Marvel/Sony deal with Spider-man to progress the story line in the long run. I don’t need them to shove and fast track several story lines down our throats in one film. That technique didn’t work so well for Spider-man 3 or Amazing Spider-man 2, both movies that basically killed the franchise causing the need for this reboot. Hell, I’m all for a movie based on the above pictured “Spider-men” from Bendis and Pichelli featuring BOTH Peter Parker and Miles Morales in the roles. I’m sure this still isn’t diverse enough for some on the internet, but let’s not forget that thanks to the pictured below entertaining “Spider-verse” event from Dan Slott we have Spideys in all shapes, sizes, genders, and species to choose from now. So the possibilities are endless and now lay in the hands of Marvel Studios/Sony.
Elvis Cage         
Staff Writer

Friday, June 5, 2015

June 4th, 2015: All Hail Metal, Death to Pop Music!

Yea, enjoy that old school pre More Like Radio and pre actual website flyer for this week's flyer.
This week's episode Jameson and Alfred are joined by our friend Jay D at the Half Penny Pub of Sayville and talk about:

-Heavy Metal is more popular than Pop Music on Spotify.
-Jameson discovers what Truffle Butter is
-Alfred gets a surprise while watching porn
-Featuring music from Hatebreed, Red Owls, Guilty by Association, Alkaline Trio, Gutterlife, and Light Years.

Click here to Listen!!! YEARGH!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

DC Comic's Convergence

Convergence Issues #0-#8
Created By:
Jurgens, King, Van Sciver, Maiolo, Lobdell, Pagulayan, Paz, Steigerwald, Kubert, Hope, Anderson, Benes, Pansica, Scott, Hanna, Faucher, Lopresti, Morales, and Segovia

First things first, if you haven't read this series from DC Comics be forewarned that there are plenty of spoilers ahead. Like major spoilers. Seriously, stop reading now, go read the story, and then come back and read this because THERE WILL BE BLOOD.... I mean... SPOILERS. You've been warned, so you've only got yourself to blame.
Now I'll admit outside of the Batman family of books I'm not much of a DC guy. Even as a kid I read mostly Batman, the Death/Return/Mullet Superman story, and Green Lantern (Guy Gardner is my preferred Lantern) from DC and always mostly read Marvel (X-Men, Spider-man, Deadpool). Now I still read a lot of Marvel, but my pull list is also full of Image, Valiant, and Vertigo titles, but as for the main DC line, it's basically just down to Snyder and Capullo's "Batman" and Tomasi and Gleason's "Batman and Robin". I also read the "Injustice" series, but that's an alternate universe from the New 52 in DC, but we'll get back to that shortly. I do still feel obligated to read DC's big events just so I know what the hell is going on in some way shape or form.
The "Convergence" series starts with #0 for some reason and it's basically just Braniac explaining to the current New 52 Superman about the Multiverse and then the reader is introduced to one of the main players of the story, Telos. Superman is then forced back to his reality with his memory of the events gone. So once again we're led to believe this is going to be a Superman centric storyline, but that's not what happens at all.
Issue 1 is where the real story begins with the heroes of "Earth 2" (Thomas Wayne Batman, Jay Garrick Flash, Val-Zod Superman, Warzone Reporter Dick Grayson, Alan Scott Green Lantern, and Yolanda Montez Wildcat) getting torn from their about to be destroyed by Darkseid Earth and find themselves on for lack of a better term a "world of battle" or "battlewor... umm, sorry, wrong publisher, so lets call it The Mysterious Planet of Braniac's Bottle Cities. It's basically just that, a planet full of cities from various times and stories of DC's past. Some of which your casual fan like myself will recognize and then there's cities and characters you'll have to do a google search on if you're not up to date on your DC comic history, which is entertaining.
So the good guys fight the villain, the aforementioned Telos, who is the landlord of the planet and then quickly revealed to be one with the mystery planet itself. Telos reveals to the Earth 2 heroes his plans to make the cities battle each other on this world to see who is worthy. Telos had already destroyed the "Injustice" bottle city of Gotham because he deemed them unworthy and later does so to the infamous Kryptonian Bottle City of Candor because they refuse to fight. Since they have no city to fight for/protect Telos leaves the Earth 2 heroes to their own devices and goes somewhere else for the time being after a short battle with Superman and Green Lantern.
At this point Batman and Grayson travel to Pre Flashpoint Gotham City in search of allies. This leads to a meeting between Bruce Wayne Batman and Thomas Wayne Batman. Instead of getting allies, they get the Batmobile. While searching for someway to stop Telos, the rest of the Scooby Gang see some of the battles going on and run into some guy named Deimos. I have no idea who this guy is at all at this point, but that doesn't really matter for the story because you learn he's a two faced villain in relatively no time. The Earth 2 squad help him enter Skartaris (another thing I had no idea about) where he quickly defeats The Warlord and his allies and then steals the time travel powers from a whole slew of DC time travelers that I have no idea about, but get it. Now Deimos turns on the Earth 2 heroes, reveals himself to be a master dark wizard, and then reveals to Telos (who is now with Dick Grayson after the Earth 2 Batman sacrificed himself to protect the others from the villains of pre Flashpoint Gotham City) a captured Brainiac. I'm not sure how Brainiac is imprisoned, but I'm sure that was brought up somewhere in the New 52 universe or even the Multiversity storyline. Deimos then banishes Brainiac and Telos basically has an identity crisis and is rendered useless letting Deimos take control of the planet where he declares that no cities need to fight anymore, but they must now all bow down to him.
So yea, at this point the story becomes good vs bad. The good guys being all the various heroes from all the various cities/realities battling out with their evil counterparts. It's then revealed to even the bad guys that Deimos plans on destroying everyone anyway, so everyone turns on him with Hal Jordan as Parallax destroying Deimos himself, unleashing all the time travel powers in doing so. When all hope seems lost here come Booster Gold to save the day with two other time travelers. They say the only way to stop the multiverse from being destroyed is to unleash the entity behind the whole mess to begin with, Brainiac. Brainiac stops everyone from fighting him and then tells them all that to save the multiverse he will return everyone to their correct times and places, but runs into a problem, the original crisis (Crisis on Infinite Earths). This means that the Supergirl and Flash from that era have to go back to that time and sacrifice themselves to fulfill their destinies. Which, since they are heroes, they agree to do. It's then revealed that Brainiac was able to save the multiverse and all the old DC storylines/realities have been restored, but modernized. Brainiac then takes his leave destroying what remains on the war planet, which still has the Earth 2 gang left behind like Nicolas Cage on a plane. Green Lantern protects everyone from getting wiped out and with Brainiac gone the planet starts to grow life immediately. Telos then reappears in sky informing the Earth 2 gang that this is their new planet and the Flash confirms that it is indeed back in their universe. The story ends with the ships of refugees from Earth 2 being called to the planet by Green Lantern.
Basically Convergence was not necessarily a reboot of the DC Universe or even an official end to the New 52. Hell, it didn't do what many thought it was gonna do and converge all the different DC realities into one. I guess the title of their Free Comic Book Day "Divergence" release should've been a give away for that. This was just away for DC to reintroduce and bring back into the modern day all of the old storylines/realities that they've retconned over the years with their past events. This also explains what DC meant by them not focusing on the continuity as much as they had in the past since with all these different universes now being brought back they can basically do whatever they want with character both new and old. I'm not saying I'm going to be adding more DC comics to my pull list, but I will say that there is much more room for great story telling at DC which could make those issues I grab off the shelf.
- Elvis Cage

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28th, 2015: The Jameson and Alfred Show

This week's episode features Jameson & Alfred during Memorial Day Weekend recorded at The Half Penny Pub of Sayville and they talk about:
-Summer on Long Island has Unofficially Started
-New TV Series coming including Vertigo's Lucifer and a Charles Manson TV Series
-The upcoming Beerfields concert and beer festival
-Upcoming shows at The Paramount in Huntington
-Featuring Music from Tallest Trees in the Universe, The Murmurs, The Pomps, Stray from the Path, Iron Chic, and Timeshares