Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jameson reviews Adiron's "Frequency & Pressure"

So our friends in Adiron put out their first EP last week titled 'Frequency & Pressure', and our very own Jameson wrote up a review on it! You can find the album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or at their bandcamp page ( Get over there and give it a listen. The Elvis and Alfred Show approves!
Once in a while you get a chance to listen to a record and you think to yourself, I can't wait to hear more. That's the way I felt when I first listened to the recently released first EP from the band Adiron. 'Frequency & Pressure' was released last week on iTunes and I foresee this band doing big things in they're home base of Long Island. Formed last year after the split of Whiskey Hotel, frontman Shawn O'Connor joined back up with former The Legend Lives cohorts and brothers Lou (guitar) and Brian (drums) Pelosi. Along with Guitarist George Giosi (formerly Not So Broken) and newcomer Erik Jacobsen with his screams and harmonies, this group of heavy hitters got right down to business. It can be heard on the record that it is very much guitar driven, with both George and Lou switching off on bass (Yes they are in need of a solid Bass player!). Every track from first to last takes you on a whirlwind ride of shredding and rawness that has been missing from so many of the bands of recent that have come out and flopped. The chemistry between the powerful vocals of Shawn and Erik works so well and compliment each other perfectly. And lastly, the drumming of Brian is heavy and intricate enough to keep your head banging, and your air drumming constant and in check! I assure you that Adiron is one of those bands that have a fire under them to become a big name in the Long Island scene, and I for one cannot wait. - Jameson

Friday, April 17, 2015

April 16, 2015: We want our Golden Owl already!

This week's episode we return to the newly remodeled Half Penny Pub of Sayville and are joined by our friend Jill. Jameson is somewhere in Jersey.

-Elvis and Alfred talk about their Bug Out bags.
-The Bunny Ranch in Nevada are looking for "Secret Shoppers" for their brothel services.
-Dildo Waving Mad Man: Yet another reason for Jameson to fear the NYC subways.
-Golden Owl
-With music from Autopilot Off, Timeshares, Rancid, Iron Chic, The Vandals, and It Dies Today.


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Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015: The one where Elvis plays music hungover while watching Supernatural.

This week's episode is an all music episode recorded by Elvis during St. Patrick's Day week between the above photographed Bayport-Blue Point Parade and St. Patrick's Day itself.

Featuring Music From:
-Blood or Whiskey, The Mahones, NOFX, Rancid, Flatfoot 56, Poor Richards, Less Than Jake, Adam's Atoms, Pentimento, The Dirty Panties, Descendents, Minor Threat
-Jackknife Stiletto, Agent Orange, Peccadilloes, Adolescents, Face to Face, Alkaline Trio, Catch 22, The Creepshow, Bayside, Timeshares, Backtrack, On The Offense, H2O, Anti-Flag
-The Menzingers, Taking Back Sunday, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Flak Jacket, Iron Chic, Bellwether, and I Am The Avalanche

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 26, 2015: Live from Ice Planet Hoth

This weeks show we record at O'Brien's Bar and Grill in Coram, NY featuring:

-Tom Delonge talking about UFOs and probably wearing a tinfoil hat. 
-Oscar Reviews, Mystery Tunnel in Canada, Evil Dead TV Series coming to Starz
-Vanilla Ice arrested for burglary in Florida
-Bayside song lyric "controversy"
-Featuring music from New Found Glory, Cursive, Bayside, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Get Up Kids, Dropkick Murphys, and more!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 5th 2014

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- “The Sex Factor” Is The “American Idols” For Porn Stars, Winner Gets $1 Million Prize. We get Jameson to try out
- Girls Claim Slender Man Is Real, Accused Of Stabbing Friend 19 Times
- Music in this episode, Anti Flag, Crowbait, The Menzingers, Senses Fail

BEERFIELDS May 15th 2014

- We are live from The Great South Bay Brewery for Bayfest, the Craft Beer festival
- We interview the Brewer’s Collective about their upcoming Brewery and this years selection of craft beers.
- The Beer Amigos stop by and chat with us about their podcast and their love of beer

May 8th 2014

- Satanic Monument being built here in NY. Alfred is set on finding it.
- A Catholic man is crushed by a 98 foot tall crucifix falling on him
- A girl feeds semen filled cupcakes to bullies in school
- Powdered alcohol making its way to our noses
- Music from Paper and Plastic Records and Fat Wreck Chords

April 17th 2014


- Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman talks about bringing the character, Negan into the TV series.
- Police find seven dead babies in the garage of the worlds worst human being
- Phoenix mom who got high, drove off with baby on car roof gets 16 years of probation
- Alfred tells the story of being in foam party and making out with a mentally challenged girl.

April 10th 2014


- Wrestlemania reviews and The International Pillow Fight in NYC, The Ultimate Warrior’s death.
- We talk about Captain America the Winter Solider and other Comic Book news
- North Korea going nucking futs with killing officials with a flame thrower.
- Music in this episode, Thirsty!, Plow United, Memphis May Fire and From the Tony Sly Tribute album from Fat Wreck Chords.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 3rd 2014

- We review the uproar and fake outrage from the Asians over Steven Colbert.
- Louis C.K on SNL and the God Squad getting their panties in a bunch
- Nikolai comes on as a special guest and we talk about The Great South Bay Bayfest and this years Beerfields.

Friday, March 28, 2014

March 27th 2014

The Elvis & Alfred Show
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We sit down with Vj C4 and John Joe Flow of Flak Jacket and the lovely ladies of Jackknife Stiletto. We also interview Daniel Valentino of Amityville Music Hall about the venue and his upcoming reunion show with Alove For Enemies. Cory Riccio and Lauren Nicole join us for some drunken banter also! Tons of guests, tons of punk rock, and tons of laughs. Check it out dummies!